Winter Waterfall Gallery

"Taughannock Falls - Winterlight"

Winter Waterfall Gallery


The severe beauty of the winter waterfalls of this region is not to be missed.  They often present a study in whites, turquoise and shades of brown and black framed by faithful evergreen trees.  Many, such as Ithaca Falls, Taughannock Falls, and Tinker's Falls, can be seen quite easily -- from an easy viewing point near the car park or with just a short level walk.  Others demand more daring and, even better, a pair of "Ice Creepers" to help assure your safe return.  On those journeys I am sure to bring my cell phone just in case.

On this page I can give you the opportunity to enjoy the wintry scenes without the cold or danger.  Let me send you one to put on your wall to enjoy the entire year.  Often I will "cycle" the photographs on my walls so that I get a fresh view each season, offsetting the heat of summer with a large ice-veiled waterfall to cool my thoughts.

Taughannock Falls State Park

This photograph was taken from the Overlook where you can get out of your car and walk a few feet to see the tallest waterfall in the North East drop 215' to a small pool.  As you can see, in the winter the ice builds up into a cone which becomes our version of a volcano --  with steam vapors rising from the crater. 

The water then flows along a fairly level streambed until it reaches the lower falls, below which it empties into Cayuga Lake.  There is a full gallery of images of Taughannock Falls  at Once there you can check out other galleries of waterfalls. This Photograph inspired the color choices for a handsome hand-woven rug named "Winterlight," which can be seen at .

 Carpenter Falls with Ice

 "Carpenter Falls - Ice Veil"

East of New Hope Mills, NY

This 90 foot high waterfall is off the beaten track, hidden in a nature preserve.  It has been the favorite haunt of area younsters who love to swim in the pool beneath the falls and climb up behind the falls for the spectacular view through the sparkling water.  I couldn't resist the lure of that adventure last autumn, but took the wiser course for my winter visit and clung to the hillside.  This isn't one of those easy hikes even in summer and on this trip I was very glad to make it to the falls without sliding down the steep incline into the stream. 

Carpenter Falls is fed from Bear Swamp Creek and flows into Skaneateles Lake.

 Ithaca Falls in Winter IcingIthaca Falls with Winter Icing

 "Ithaca Falls, Ithaca, NY"

This 150' high waterfall is easily seen from the road, but with just a little effort you can climb down to Fall Creek and walk up right next to it and feel the spray on your face.  By late winter the ice encrusts the surface and the lovely facets of the crystals can be seen reflected in the glaze of the ice mirror that forms over the edges of the flowing creek.

For more photos of Ithaca waterfalls and Cascadilla Gorge  check out my newly updated site.

 View from behind Tinkers Falls in Winter

 "Tinker's Falls"

Labrador Hollow State Nature Preserve

This is a side view from behind Tinker's Falls!  If you are hardy you can scale a slippery path and walk into a glowing ice cave formed by the frozen falls.  The sight is the starting point of fairy-tales. 

The path back down to the base of the falls is usually much faster traveled than the upward journey and is best negotiated on the seat of your pants.  Be careful not to land in the stream. There are other views of this magical waterfall as well as other delightful waterfall photographs  

This falls is often the destination for ice climbers in mid winter.


 "Lucifer Falls in Ice & Snow"

Robt. Treman State Park, Ithaca, NY

Don't try to take a photo like this without permission from the Park Rangers!  The trails are closed during the winter because of the highly dangerous conditions caused by the steep gorge and ice covered paths.  I was lucky to have the opportunity to go in when it was deemed safe and take my series of rare photographs capturing the shining beauty of this enchanting park.

The play of sunlight and shadows within the steep walls of this canyon emphasize the 115' drop and give it the appearance of a much steeper waterfall. 

ASHnatko Designs has another gallery of photographs of Robt. Treman State Park .

Lick Brook in Winter is a very Private Place 

 "Lick Brook - Glowing Ice"

Ithaca, New York

This is a perfect place to visit in the winter if you want to be alone with the tough beauty of winter.  I saw several deer browsing on Hemlock braches by standing on their hind legs and stretching high overhead. 

The highest falls in on Lick Brook is about 140' and is cradled in a deep chasm.  It can be treacherous at any time of year, but in winter especially.  If any creature fell from the banks it would never survive.  That is what I mean by the "tough beauty" of winter. 

I found my way to the stream bed and ice-walked up to the magnificent sculpture.  Seeing the falls frozen to the very brim of the gorge was breathtaking.

There are photographs of Ludlowville Falls gleeming in a fresh coat of snow at .

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